pink hair is better 2k14

a doodle of swag master chanyeol

외모7위, 미안해

some kyungsoos

Violet Harmon in #14 c:

the one season of ahs i havent seen sobs

draw poussey from oitnb w palette 7

she’s sparkling because she’s the queen

craig tucker and number 8


wow what a crab apple


I’m at work so I’ll have to do these when I get home. I’ve been feeling pretty rusty at colors so this looks like a great exercise.

More likely to do them if the characters requested are from knights errant, too bold or any of these fandoms: haikyuu, daiya, utena. My ask is here.

we’re watching WIN again im gonna cry

idk i guess i made an exo as gang/mafia members au??
i kinda wanted to draw environments

youre no good for me

instead of writing essays i drew a 47 year old man yehaw

unattractive exo doodles pt 2

when will it end

trying to make exo members look gross as possible pt1

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